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What is a dynagraph?

Steps for creating your own dynagraph.

Click on the links below to watch each of the steps on how to create your own dynagraph!
Step1: Creating the 2 number lines
Step2: Creating the input
Step3: Creating the function and output
Step4: Putting the output on the second line
Step5: Creating the question and hiding the function

Premade Dynagraphs.gsp

Dynagraphs Activity

One great aspect of Sketchpad is that you can copy premade construction into new files and create your own activities. Since we are just beginning to learn about dynagraphs, we are instead going to review the following activity. Form groups of 4-5 and complete the following steps. Afterward, we will discuss and share!
1) Open Dynagraphs Activity.gsp
2) Review each page of the document. What do you like about each page? What would you change?
3) How could you adapt this to use in your class?

Dynagraph Extension Activity

Composition of Functions.gsp
Composition of functions is often a topic that students struggle to understand how one function affects the other. Follow the instructions for how to create a composition of functions. Afterward, discuss with your group how you could use this to teach composition of functions, and create at least TWO questions you could ask students while they are working on this sketch.
Video for composition of functions

To consider later: Composition of Functions Activity.gsp